We are the UK’s leading Bin Cleaning service, Bin Washers also provide Wheelie Bin Cleaning, Commercial Bin Cleaning and Bin Chute Cleaning services

Specialist high pressure washing and steam cleaning services. Our services include onsite bin cleaning, car park cleaning, fast food drive through steam cleaning, line marking, gum removal, exterior building cleaning, refuse chute cleaning, bin store cleaning and much more.

Bin Washing:  Regular cleaning of your four wheeled paladin bins or two wheeled wheelie bins. Our bin cleaning service ensures they remain clean and fresh all year round.


Do the bins need cleaning?

Regular bin cleaning is an essential service to all who want to demonstrate a commitment to health and hygiene best practice. Dirty bins attract rats, become breeding grounds for bacteria, cause offensive odours and become infested with flies. All bins require regular cleaning to avoid them becoming a serious health hazard.


Can you smell the bins?

Services provided by The Bin Washing Company ensure that client’s bins are kept clean and smell fresh all year round.

•   Eliminate Odours
•   Eliminate Pest Infestation
•   Eliminate Cross
     Contamination Risks
•   Improve Hygiene Standards

Bins cleaned, disinfected and deodorised…

Wherever a bin is used to store waste, The Bin Washing Company can offer a cost effective bin cleaning service to counteract the associated hygiene issues.


Environment Agency Regulations

The Bin Washing Company adheres to all the Environment Agency’s regulations regarding the cleaning of waste containers. These regulations are designed to protect local waterways from pollution and the Bin Washing Company take their role in protecting the environment very seriously.

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